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For the first time, a fully automated, fully integrated device can bring molecular and immunoassay testing together in a way that delivers meaningful multiplexing capability and quantitation at an affordable price. The EncompassMDx system provides a one-stop solution for the molecular diagnostic assays of today and tomorrow.

One System, Many Samples

EncompassMDx offers industry-leading automated sample preparation designed to isolate DNA and RNA from a variety of samples.

  • Fresh tissue, formaldehyde fixed-paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue, whole blood, serum, saliva, swabs and urine
  • Process sample volumes from 5 µl to 5 ml, and tissue mass up to 20 mg for integrated nucleic acid testing

One Sample, Many Targets

EncompassMDx detection combines the capacity of a microarray with the speed and resolution of qPCR.

  • On-board multiplexing with Hy-Fi Microarray of up to 256 probes per square centimeter
  • Optional qPCR module provides four-color detector for quantification

Assays performed on the Encompass platform are enabled by Rheonix CARD® technology.

EncompassMDx is not approved by the FDA for in vitro diagnostic use; available now as an open system for research use only (RUO) assays. See application pipeline for more information.