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Rheonix CARD® Cartridge

The power and disruptive cost savings of the Encompass platform lie within the Rheonix CARD® Consumable: a cartridge the size of a smartphone. The cartridge can run several samples through a fully-integrated molecular assay with no user intervention. Rheonix Diagram

The Rheonix CARD automatically manipulates reagents internally with its active fluidic network of pumps, valves and channels.

Samples are added directly to the cartridge. It can handle a broad range of sample types such as fresh tissue, FFPE tissue, urine, whole blood, serum, saliva and swabs.

All assay steps are performed on-board the fully enclosed cartridge, eliminating contamination, reducing user error and streamlining workflow.

Molecular techniques performed by the Rheonix CARD include:

Sample Preparation:






Rheonix incorporates DNA, RNA or protein capture probes on its Hy-Fi Microarray. The capture probes allow for an unprecedented level of multiplexed targets for endpoint analysis. Rheonix's low-density array is designed for high-volume manufacturing with a high level of quality and reproducibility with low production costs.

The patented Rheonix CARD manufacturing process is completed in seconds and results in a fully functional device–with no discreet internal devices such as electronics or precious metals–at drastically lower costs than traditional microfluidic devices.