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Encompass Platform

The EncompassMDx instrument brings together Rheonix's unique technology and industry-standard automation components to provide a powerful workflow and cost-saving model which will bring to market new and existing diagnostic tests.


The EncompassMDx instrument includes the following standard equipment:



The EncompassMDx allows unparalleled multi-target "sample-to-answer" workflow. The only user-required step is to load samples and a consumable cartridge; all sample manipulation and assay steps are contained within the system.


In the example above, two applications of Rheonix assays consisting of 16 whole-blood samples are tested for single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in a pharmacogenomic application. The unattended assay time for a highly multiplexed endpoint PCR amplification is roughly 3.5 hours, while a fluorescence-based qPCR application is 60 to 75 minutes. Both applications take roughly 20 minutes of hands-on-time, including replacing consumables and loading samples.


The Encompass platform's modular architecture allows for rapid development of diagnostic solutions for the complete spectrum of user needs, from medium and high throughput capabilities to point-of-care applications.