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Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, October 2013


Press Releases

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12/2/2014 | Rheonix to Attend International Strategy and Investment Group's MedTools and Outsourcing Investor Forum

12/2/2014 | Rheonix President to Participate in Panel at Piper Jaffray & Co.'s 20th Annual Health Care Conference

10/14/2014 | Rheonix to Automate FFPE Tissue Samples for Next Generation Sequencing

10/10/2014 | Most Innovative Cities--Ithaca, Featuring Greg Galvin, Ithaca Tech Pioneer

9/26/2014 | Rheonix to Present at Inaugural BTIG Emerging Technology in Healthcare Diagnostics Symposium

9/18/2014 | Rheonix, Inc. to Give Keynote Lecture on Molecular Diagnostics

9/3/2014 | Rheonix Lectures in China on Its Innovative Molecular Platform

7/15/2014 | Rheonix to Showcase Automated Molecular Diagnostics Technology at AACC

4/21/2014 | Rheonix Receives Fast-Track Grant from National Institutes of Health to Simplify HIV Testing

4/3/2014 | Rheonix Executive Named a Fellow of National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry

3/24/2014 | Rheonix Invited to Present at ‘The Future of In-Vitro Diagnostics’ Conference hosted by Siemens

3/17/2014 | Rheonix Further Expands Intellectual Property Portfolio with Six Patents for Its Microfluidic Systems

1/29/2014 | Rheonix Develops Channel-Free Microfluidic Technology for Molecular Testing

1/07/2014 | Rheonix Establishes 'Innovation Center' to Accelerate Commercialization Efforts

12/18/2013 | Rheonix Raises $14M to Scale Manufacturing for 2014 Product Launch

12/5/2013 | Rheonix Executive to Address Effects of Molecular Diagnostic Solutions on Laboratory Workflow

11/11/2013 | Rheonix to Showcase Automated MDx Technology at Association for Molecular Pathology Annual Meeting

11/6/2013 | Rheonix Receives $500,000 from NSF to Expand Scope of Automated Molecular Detection System

7/31/2013 | Rheonix to Advance Automated Diagnostic Testing Technology through Strategic Partnership

6/15/2013 | Rheonix Workshop to Address Challenges of Implementing Personalized Medicine

6/13/2013 | Rheonix Scientist Addresses Challenges of Microfluidic IVD Product Commercialization

6/11/2013 | Rheonix Names Frank Gill Vice President of Manufacturing

6/4/2013 | Rheonix Executive to Address Costs and Benefits of Genetic Testing

4/2/2013 | Rheonix Expands Intellectual Property Portfolio with US Patent for a Fully Automated Molecular Platform 

2/28/2013 | Rheonix Adds Key Management Team Members

10/17/2012 | Bill Colston Appointed to Rheonix Inc. Board of Directors

6/14/2012 | Rheonix® Highlights First Fully Automated FFPE KRAS-Biomarker Assay at BIO International Convention

4/24/2012 | Rheonix®, Inc. to present companion diagnostic system data at AACC Oak Ridge Conference

12/15/11 | Rheonix®, Inc. Announces Novel Microarray Production Technology to Support Multiplexed Endpoint Detection of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (PDF)

11/17/11 | Rheonix® Announces Issuance of New Patent for its Microfluidic Diagnostic Platform (PDF)

11/16/11 | Rheonix®, Inc. Appoints Vice President of Operations and Quality Manager (PDF)

8/18/11 | Rheonix® Receives Additional $233K Award from National Institutes of Health (PDF)

7/27/11 | Rheonix® Announces New SeptiCARD Data Demonstrating Rapid Septicemia Diagnosis (PDF)

7/19/11 | Rheonix®, Inc. to Present Data on Rheonix CARD® Technology at AACC Annual Meeting (PDF)

6/20/11 | Mayo Clinic Announces Collaboration on Genotyping Test for Warfarin Sensitivity (PDF)

6/2/11 | Rheonix® Announces Patent Issuance and Allowance of Patent Applications for its
Molecular Diagnostic Platform

5/18/11 | Rheonix®, Inc. to Present Powerful, Automated Molecular Diagnostic Capabilities at TIDES 2011 (PDF)

2/8/11 | Rheonix® Receives $500K SBIR Phase II Award from National Science Foundation to Complete Development
of a Test for Contamination in Recreational Water

7/29/10 | Rheonix CARD® Technology Demonstrates Utility in Multiple Molecular Diagnostic Applications at
AACC Annual Meeting

4/21/10 | Rheonix®, Inc. Completes $12.6 Million Series A Financing (PDF)

4/16/10 | National Institutes of Health Renews Partnership with Rheonix® and Awards Additional Grant to Develop CARD® Technology for Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Sexually Transmitted Infectious Agents (PDF)

1/19/10 | Rheonix® Receives Additional Funding from U.S. National Science Foundation and NYSERDA to Develop a Recreational Water Test (PDF)

1/12/10 | Rheonix® Announces Patent for its Microfluidic Lamination Technology (PDF)

6/8/09 | Rheonix® Receives SBIR Grant from U.S. National Science Foundation to Develop a Recreational Water Test (PDF)

5/13/09 | Rheonix® Receives $1.67 Million Award from NIH (PDF)

3/31/09 | Rheonix® Awarded NIH Grant to Develop Rapid Sensor for Tuberculosis (PDF)

3/17/09 | Innovative Biotechnologies Acquired by Privately Held Rheonix®, Inc. (PDF)

12/31/08 | Rheonix® Receives EPA Funding for Waterborne Pathogens Biosensor (PDF)

3/25/08 | Rheonix® Receives New York State Innovation Award for Bio International 2008 (PDF)